Logistics and Transportation

Predictive Analytics, IOT and Machine Learning are are significantly transforming the logistics and transportation business. Our analytics solution enables customers to forecast future demand patterns based on past demand patterns; using internal and external data to estimate rates on various transportation lanes; and consulting customer order patterns to predict which items move together and which move in the opposite direction. Being able to accurately predict outcomes allows you to develop smarter strategies.

A key challenge in the logistics industry is retaining and hiring truck drivers.  By predicting truck drivers at risk of leaving and providing predictors for the churn we are helping clients reduce churn and expensive retraining.

Here are some of the solutions we provide:

  • Predict Maintenance for Assets before breakdowns.
  • Maximize Assets availability.
  • Reduce Voluntary Attrition of Truck Drivers and other key resources.
  • Predict Driver Safety issues and Liability.
  • Optimise Loads, Routes and Fuel Usage.

 Advanced Analytics Made Easy

Our predictive analytics solution is platform agnostic and hence can be easily integrated into any existing set up with minimum requirements and can also be accessed via cloud on any device. You get the insights of our Data Scientists without expensive resource, systems and equipment investments.

Capture Diverse and Valuable Data Sets

Our predictive solution can ingest raw data from any source be it flat files, spreadsheets, database, structured and unstructured data to have a single consistent view, as opposed to segregated records scattered throughout different businesses units. Data sources may include Operational, Routing, Assets, Driver Safety, Telematics and other structured or unstructured data like Notes, Logs, Surveys. We also bring in 3rd party data sets like socio-economic, financial or demographic data for richer insights as needed.

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Visualize on the Go

View your Dashboards on the Cloud or at your desk.  If you already have a preferred visualization tool, we can work with that too!  We will build the dashboards to suit your needs. All you need to do is use them

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