Tuesday, March 5 |  Noon ET (1 hour)

Machine Learning and SAS® Viya® Deliver Next-Generation Retail Assortment Optimization

  • Construct a machine learning forecast for store SKU sales.
  • Build a demand substitution model for transferable demand.
  • Optimize and cluster resulting assortments for clustered stores.
  • Account for basket analysis, the effects of cannibalization, halo and product newness for your localized assortments.

Available on demand March 6.

Tuesday, March 5 |  2 p.m. ET (1 hour)

The SAS® Platform: The Power of Choice and Control

  • Learn how to accelerate the analytics life cycle, from data to discovery to deployment, with SAS.
  • Hear how to improve data management, preparation and quality.
  • Discover ways to automate and speed time-consuming tasks.
  • Find out how to quickly create, select and deploy models – be it one or thousands.

Available on demand March 6.

Wednesday, March 6 |  2 p.m. ET (30 minutes)

Building a Single Source of Data for Data Science, Discovery and Decisioning

  • Learn the best ways to measure the value of analytics improvements.
  • See how to build a single source of data for analytics without centralizing all your data.
  • Better understand how to take advantage of both SAS Viya and SAS®9 in your analytic architecture.
  • Get ideas for leveraging the processing power of source data systems and protecting data quality while simplifying data access for analytics users.

Available on demand March 7.

Wednesday, March 13 |  10 a.m. ET (1 hour)

Exploring the Evolution of Data Transparency and Its Impact on Patient Outcomes

  • Discover how clinical researchers have realized significant advances in their work due to data sharing.

Available on demand March 14.

Thursday, March 14 |  2 p.m. ET (1 hour)

5 Imperatives for the Analytic Executive

  • Hear five key factors necessary to capitalize on the analytics economy.
  • Learn where executives can focus their leadership efforts.
  • Discover how to generate business value, both internally and externally.

Available on demand March 15.

Thursday, March 14 |  2 p.m. ET (1 hour)

Get an Integrated Analytics Platform for Your Midsized Company in Weeks With SAS® Unified Insights

  • Hear from Shawn Fitzgerald of IDC about the critical connection between improved business performance and the effective use of analytics in midmarket companies.
  • Discover how SAS Unified Insights provides the market-leading, analyst-validated environment for world-class, approachable and open analytics.
  • Learn how the SAS and Core Compete partnership accelerates your time to value, mitigates risk, and provides a complete vision and capability set for midsize organizations with flexible and affordable on-premises or cloud deployment.

Available on demand March 15.

Thursday, March 19 |  1 p.m. ET (1 hour)

What Does It Mean to Administer SAS® Visual Analytics Unified Insights

  • Understand the administrative tasks specific to SAS Visual Analytics.
  • Perform key administrative tasks specific to SAS Visual Analytics.

Available on demand March 20.

Wednesday, March 20 | 2 p.m. ET (1 hour)

Optimizing Manufacturing Quality and Yield With SAS® Analytics

  • Learn how SAS can help identify and predict leading causes of unwanted variation using advanced analytics, including machine learning and AI.
  • See how SAS can offer recommended set points on variables causing variation to improve yield.
  • Understand how SAS has helped other manufacturers translate data into information that can be used to significantly improve quality and yield.

Available on demand March 21.

Wednesday, March 20 |  2 p.m. ET (1 hour)

Supercharge Your SAS®: Moving From Desktops to Servers

  • Performance and scalability improvements gained by moving from desktop SAS to server SAS (including grid deployments).
  • Security improvements gained by moving to a centrally managed environment.
  • Additional SAS technology/functionality that is only available in a server environment.
  • Using new SAS in-memory technology to improve performance of data preparation and analytics.

Available on demand March 21.

Thursday, March 21 |  10 a.m. ET (1 hour)

What Were You Thinking? How the Brain of an AI/IoT System Processes Industrial Intelligence

  • Discover how artificial intelligence and IoT technologies deliver more intelligent, automated solutions that help boost productivity and unlock new possibilities.
  • Explore how these systems take the raw material of data and turn it into decisions.

Available on demand March 22.

Thursday, March 28 |  10 a.m. ET (1 hour)

The Robots Are Here

  • Learn how Deloitte and SAS can help review automation processes and add advanced analytics and machine learning for cost savings.
  • See how process robotics solves resourcing issues while expanding capacity for more value-added strategic tasks.
  • Understand applications for automated tasks and advanced analytics to help government agencies leverage human skills and intelligent robotic automation.

Available on demand March 29.

Thursday, March 28 |  Noon ET (1 hour)

Data and AI: Accelerators of Banking CX

  • Discover what bankers really think about the benefits and challenges facing banks as they compete in today’s digital environment.
  • Learn how to overcome the top challenges identified in the Digital Banking Report.
  • Understand how real-time analytics and enterprise decisioning are making analytics actionable for banks.
  • Find out how companies are using emerging data sources and social media to improve contextual engagement.

Available on demand March 29.

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