Wednesday, May 1 |  11 a.m. ET (1 hour)

The Promise of Data Fabrics for Analytics and Better Decisions

  • Learn about the six data capabilities required for your data fabric.
  • Where and how to best apply those capabilities.
  • How to turn new data-driven opportunities into business benefits.

Available on demand May 2.

Tuesday, May 7 |  2 p.m. ET (1 hour)

Evolutions in Anti-Fraud Technology: Leveraging Advanced Analytics and AI to Stay Ahead of Insurance Fraud

  • Learn how better access to data, analytics and AI are transforming the fraud fight.
  • Explore best practices for overcoming challenges like data integration and false positives.
  • See the areas where insurers are increasing new money and focus.

Available on demand May 8.

Tuesday, May 7 |  2 p.m. ET (1 hour)

Evolving Your Analytic Platform: How to Succeed in the Cloud

  • Why are organizations moving analytic work to the cloud?
  • What are the key challenges and misconceptions?
  • How do IT leaders provide choice while maintaining control?
  • How are technologies and vendors pivoting to support this evolution?

Available on demand May 8.

Wednesday, May 8 |  2 p.m. ET (1 hour)

Using SAS® With Git: Bring a DevOps Mindset to Your SAS® Code

  • Learn many ways that you can now add source control, code collaboration, and continuous integration and deployment to your SAS processes.
  • Explore SAS’ GitHub repositories that include code examples, libraries, and tools for developers and users.
  • See examples of how SAS experts share their content on GitHub.

Available on demand May 9.

Thursday, May 9 |  1 p.m. ET (1 hour)

Ask the Expert: AI-Embedded IoT Analytics: Getting Started

  • Learn how to build, govern and monitor analytics models.
  • Find out how to discover patterns and relationships using traditional and high-frequency analytics.
  • Discover how to gain key insights and tips to compare models and select a champion, deploy monitoring and dynamically update production models.
  • See how to visualize data in real-time, shareable dashboards.

Available on demand May 10.

Tuesday, May 14 |  2 p.m. ET (1 hour)

The Do’s and Don’ts of People Analytics

  • In partnership with Pegasus Knowledge Solutions Inc., you will learn how people analytics is transforming HR’s relationship with the business.
  • Get an outline of a typical approach for success with people analytics.
  • Discover the highest-value, lowest-effort method for successful implementation and a framework for determining readiness.
  • Hear best practices gleaned from the 4% of companies succeeding with people analytics today.

Available on demand May 15.

Wednesday, May 15 |  2 p.m. ET (1 hour)

Workforce Analytics: A Vital Resource in HR

  • Understand how analytics can be effectively applied in HR.
  • Explore the types of problems that can be solved with analytics.
  • Get ideas from others who have had success with this type of technology.

Available on demand May 16.

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