Our Unique Approach: The Qlik Data Analytics Platform

You probably have some form of reporting in your solution today – and just as probably, it’s not enough to keep up with your customer expectations or market opportunities. Some software developers decide to build their own analytic dashboards and reporting functionality in-house – but, in our experience, most eventually decide to integrate a commercial business intelligence platform that they can customize to meet their market requirements.

The decision to build rather than buy is up to you, but the reasons to partner with a BI vendor and embed third-party technology are compelling:

  • To deliver an unparalleled analytics experience for the end user
  • To provide proven, best-in-class BI technology
  • To accelerate development and time-to-market
  • To free resources from support and maintenance
  • And finally, to benefit from ongoing development of the BI product by the vendor, allowing you to stay focused on your core product or service

The Qlik platform offers the best of both worlds. It gives web and application developers the flexibility to take advantage of the years of product development investment in our best-in-class data analytics platform – while also allowing you to build customized applications that meet customer requirements, and even to build on top of what’s already in place.

The Qlik Platform
The Qlik platform is designed to allow developers to easily and flexibly embed powerful data analytics capabilities of Qlik into their own applications, portals, or workflows. These can be as simple as web mashups containing just a few charts or more complex integration within a cloud or on premise solution.

The Qlik platform is designed to accommodate embedded analytics, anywhere. Powerful, modern and open APIs provide developers with access to visualizations, security, data connectors and the market-leading Qlik Associative Engine used by all Qlik analytics products.

The Qlik Associative Difference
The Qlik Associative Model is the capability in our products that enables users of all skill levels to freely explore their data using simple searches and selections, asking questions in any direction without restrictions or boundaries. This fundamental, interactive functionality is unique to Qlik products. Developers can experience it first-hand in the Qlik Playground, an online destination designed for developers to explore the power of the Qlik Associative Engine, Qlik Core and Qlik APIs.

The Qlik Associative Engine fully combines large numbers of data sources and indexes them to find all possible associations, without leaving any data behind. It offers powerful on-the-fly calculation and aggregation that instantly updates analytics and highlights associations in the data, exposing both related and unrelated values after each click.

Thanks to the Qlik Associative Engine, users are free to search, explore, and pivot based on what they see, without limitations and without having to go back to experts and wait. Associative data indexing exposes relationships in complex, multi-source data sets that would otherwise be hidden in hierarchical or query-based approaches.

Modern and Open APIs
Qlik platform APIs were built using modern standards and designed to work with today’s most up-to-date web technologies. You get access to a set of industry-standard, open, and modern programming interfaces such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and Node.js, which allow you to easily create and integrate analytics into any application.
These are the same APIs Qlik uses to develop its own products, so developers get the flexibility they need to build the exact solution they want.

Build Engaging Visualizations
End users require compelling and intuitive analytics – and Qlik delivers, with engaging, best-in-class visual analytics you can embed anywhere in your applications.
You get access to the full Qlik Chart Library set of objects and visualizations, so you can take advantage of the unique Qlik visualization technology – including responsive design, mobile-ready and touch-ready, mapping, coloring and more.

Optimized for Security, Scalability, and Performance
The Qlik platform is designed to deliver analytics in a scalable, secure and governable way. You can deploy it on a single server and scale both vertically and horizontally, on-premise or in the cloud, to address availability and processing requirements. High performance in-memory analytics handle massive data sets while aligning to your security model.

The Qlik platform provides developers with an approach that accelerates embedding by:

  • Allowing you to build on the years of development Qlik has already invested in our one-of-a-kind technology
  • Providing a flexible and extensive development environment, where you can build custom analytics applications that fit your requirements
  • Enabling you to build on what you have already – in most cases integrating existing data visualization components, if you have them

The Qlik platform provides developers with a single visual analytics platform to extend the use of Qlik beyond individual organizations. It easily allows analytics to be embedded into any workflow or business process within an application, and it permits the extension of analytics into partner portals and customer websites. The wide range of Qlik APIs covering front-end and back-end requirements are the same APIs used by Qlik R&D.

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