Embedded Analytics in Financial Services

Sharpen your competitive edge with the industry’s most robust platform for embedded analytics. For financial services organizations, there’s never been a better time to embed analytics. Your users need to collect, analyze, and visualize data in time to make a difference. Get all the power and convenience of a robust analytics platform, embedded right where your users need it most.

Why Embed Analytics in Your Product?

Every part of a financial organization – from the executive suite to sales – can take advantage of embedded analytics to better understand performance, manage risk, and identify growth opportunities. And every customer-facing app you offer can gain value, traction, and adoption by giving users the power to uncover insights.

Strengthen Your Business Apps
• Executive management – Get visibility into market and customer trends, risk exposure, and performance metrics
• Operational efficiency – Improve business processes, cost to serve, and capitalize on analytics in real time
• Governance – Ensure data quality and consistency, and take centralized control of data access and permissions

Add Value to Your Customer-facing Apps
• Promote adoption, increase customer loyalty, and boost revenue streams by adding value to your apps
• Get to market faster by adopting a proven solution instead of building it yourself
• Stay competitive by offering robust analytics capabilities, ease of use, and in process analytical apps
• Stay on top of regulatory and security standards around how data is stored, accessed, and shared

What Makes Qlik Unique?

A Platform Approach
We scale alongside you, helping extend the value of analytics across your organization through a full spectrum of use cases, including:
• Self-service data visualization
• Guided analytics
• Embedded analytics
• Custom analytics applications
• Reporting and collaboration

We know that one size does not fit all. We tailor BI and analytics needs to different users, requirements, and scenarios. Data-informed
decisions require flexibility, and that’s what you get with Qlik.

Our Associative Difference®
At our core is a powerful in-memory, data-indexing engine that allows users complete freedom to explore all possible associations within their data. While most analytics tools force users into linear query paths that leave questions unanswered, only Qlik allows any path of questioning and exploration.

Our technology is paired with governed libraries of data and metrics, and rules-based security and centralized management. So you know your information is governed and your insights are trustworthy. The Solution for Success Offer your developers a platform for integration and a faster time to market with the following:
• Rapid and versatile development environment – Our architecture leverages the latest web specifications, data interchange formats,
and protocols, resulting in a revolutionarily simple, responsive, and consistent design, and a faster route to your final product.
• Broadest set of APIs – Our open and standard API access allows full capability to extend and embed for any application requirement,
without limitations.
• Custom connection to data sources – Our custom technology gives you access to a wide range of data sources, or you can even build your
own connectors.
• Analytics anytime, anywhere – Our flexible development and management capability lets you build new analytics on mobile devices using server-side power.

Why Join the Qlik OEM Partner Network?

Some partnership programs make you jump through a series of hoops. Not Qlik. Our program is simple to join, and you can start taking advantage of the benefits immediately. When you become a Qlik OEM partner, you get access to:

• Complimentary training for sales, marketing, and developer roles
• Certification
• OEM solution validation
• Onboarding technical support
• The Qlik Partner Portal and specific OEM education offerings
• Partner enablement events
• Qlik Branch dedicated to full stack and web developers

Our licensing models are flexible; we align them with your go-to-market strategy. Options include perpetual, subscription, or a possible revenue share model.
We also support everything from on-site installation to Software-as-a-Service/Cloud delivery models. And once you become a partner,
you can market and sell your “Powered by Qlik” applications to maximize success.

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