Advanced Banking Analytics-FAQ

Question: What does this solution provide?

We provide an end-to-end solution for Advanced Banking Analytics.  Our solution includes advanced analytics models, as well as dashboards and visualizations for business insights.  More details can be found at  A brochure is available at <>. Also, please contact us at and provide your preferred channel of communication (Phone or Email) and we will be happy to provide more details.


Question: Will this replace my existing Banking or Core Banking  systems?

Our solution is designed to work in conjunction with your existing Core Banking and other banking  systems.  It will use data from your existing systems to provide analytical insights based on advanced predictive analytics, text mining and machine learning.


Question: Who will use this solution in my organization?

This solution is designed to be used by Managers  and Executives responsible for marketing, product management, sales and operations.


Question: Will this work with my existing Core banking  system?

We will connect to the data from your existing core banking system.  If you have an existing Visualization platform that you wish to use for dashboards, we will provide dashboards for analytics on the platform of your choice.


Question: We have multiple systems that will be need to be accessed for data.  How is that handled?

 Our solution can integrate with multiple data sources so this should not be an issue.


Question: What does my Bank need to do in order to deploy this solution?

We will engage with your Bank to review and finalize requirements and customize any features based on your specific needs.  We will then deploy the solution either on your premises, or on the cloud.  The level of involvement of your IT department will depend on the specific customization requirements that you may have.


Question: We want our data to stay within our company’s data centers. Does your solution support that?

Yes.  Our solution can be deployed in your company’s data center, and inside your corporate firewalls with no external access.


Question: We do not have internal IT to deploy and manage this solution.

 We can provide the support needed to deploy this solution.   We can also deploy on a public cloud and provide ongoing support for the solution.


Question: Can the dashboards be accessed from Mobile devices?

 Yes.  We support standard Windows®, Android and IOS® devices as well as Windows and Mac desktops and laptops.


Question: What type of ongoing support do you provide?

 We provide both usage support as well as model support.  Periodically, we will work with you to update and refresh the analytical models based on changes in your data.  The frequency of these refreshes will depend on the nature of your data but may occur 1-2 times a year.